2022 PACES Fontan Junctional Rhythm Survey

Dear colleague:

There is a lack of clarity about the management of junctional rhythm (JR) in Fontan patients. We are currently planning a study to understand the impact of JR on outcomes in Fontan patients. However, as an initial step, we would like to understand what pediatric cardiologists, adult congenital cardiologists and congenital electrophysiologists think and do when confronted with a Fontan patient who is in persistent JR.

Your opinions and input as a PACES member are extremely important to us. Please spare us a few minutes to take this short survey. Your responses are confidential and will help us understand the state of current thinking on this topic and help inform future directions.

We would also be very grateful if you can share this survey with other members of your group, including non -electrophysiologists (pediatric cardiologists and ACHD cardiologists) and encourage them to fill it out as well.

The survey has been approved by the PACES Research Committee and can be accessed at this link: https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form/cc182bb22fce4718950e18e15d6b0795

For questions, please contact me at balajis@ohsu.edu.

Many thanks.


Seshadri Balaji MBBS, MRCP(UK), PhD, FHRS
Professor, Department of Pediatrics,
Division of Cardiology,
Oregon Health & Science University,
707, SW Gaines Street, Mailcode: CDRC-P,
Portland, OR 97239