PACES QI- Pediatric Device Management Project

Dear PACES members,

Final notice! The PACES QI committee is ready to launch the first PACES-wide QI project, the Pediatric Device Management Project. The goal of this project is to improve remote monitoring enrollment and compliance for all pediatric and congenital device patients. If you'd like more information about the project please visit the PACES QI tab at the top of the website landing page. The tab also has general information about the QI committee and QI resources.

Aarti Dalal and Brad Clark have been spearheading the project and have included links to some background information. We encourage all centers to participate. If you'd like to participate, please contact Aarti or Brad.

Our goal is for participating centers to complete an initial survey of local baseline data by June 30 and then begin the first intervention cycle in September. Participating centers will have access to resources developed by PACES QI members that might help improve local remote monitoring enrollment and compliance!!

Thank you and we look forward to working with you! Doug and Ronn