Please Take a Moment to Update Your PACES Profile

Dear PACES members

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you to update your profile on the PACES website. This will give us better understanding on the makeup of our group and help us drive future endeavors. If you hit “My Account” in the upper corner and open the “Edit Profile” tab (see snapshots below), you should be able to enter demographic data (and more if you like).

Additionally, we continue to have some issues with firewalls and institutional communication preferences (Google, Outlook, etc). We continue to look into this and will try to navigate with you. At this time, we ask for awareness of your institutional security issues and preferences. On top of this, for redundancy, all announcements and email blasts will now be listed on the “News Archive” page of the website, so we can all check in periodically and make sure we aren’t missing things.

Thank you
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