Call for Volunteers - HRS

Dear PACES members,

The Heart Rhythm Society recently sent an email calling for volunteers. I encourage all of you to strongly consider this opportunity to get involved in the Heart Rhythm Society, PACES chosen partner for many academic and educational endeavors. Please see below for details.


Tess Saarel
President PACES 2021-22


Are you interested in taking on a more active role within the Heart Rhythm Society? If you would like to donate your time and expertise to help HRS accomplish its vision to end death and suffering due to heart rhythm disorders, apply for committee service [] by Friday, November 1, 2021. The application process takes only a few minutes.

For detailed information about the appointment and selection process, timeline, terms of service, and more, please visit the HRS Volunteer FAQ [] page.


How are volunteers selected?
Appointments are made based primarily on the position's needs as well as the member's expertise, competencies and skills, performance, and prior involvement in the Society.

Do appointments include considerations for diversity and inclusion?
HRS strives to have organizational leaders who represent all aspects of diversity and promote the diversity, equity, and inclusion that are essential to our success. Wherever possible, appointments reflect a diverse mix of backgrounds, occupations, demographics (geography, ethnicity, and gender), and interpersonal communication and problem-solving styles.

Who makes the appointments?
The Board of Trustees grants the President-Elect authority to make committee appointments with consultation from the President, Chief Executive Officer, sitting and incoming Chairs, and Staff Liaisons.

What is the appointment process timeline?
The committee appointment process takes about six months, starting with a call for volunteers in the fall and ending with new appointments in May.

When does a term of service begin and end?
Most committee terms begin in May and last one year with reappointment eligibility for two additional consecutive one-year terms. Reappointments are reviewed annually and are not guaranteed.

How will I learn if I have been chosen for an appointment?
Once positions are assigned, in the spring, HRS will notify all applicants via email. Your interests will be retained for future openings regardless of your appointment status.

Are there other volunteer opportunities?
If you cannot commit to committee service but are interested in volunteering in other ways, update your profile to indicate your interests and experience to be considered for other opportunities throughout the year. From your HRS Profile [], click 'Volunteer Interests' in the left-hand side navigation.
If you have any questions, contact