Call for Nominations to PACES Executive Committee

Dear Fellow PACES Members,

It is time to start the election process for our new PACES Executive Committee Member.

In May we will appoint 2 new positions: a new VP for Research and a new Associated Professional Representative. The job description for these important positions are shown below (per current bylaws).

Vice President for Research: The Vice-President for Research shall be responsible for overseeing the involvement of the Society in any and all research projects that in any way utilize the resources of the society. This will include supervising and organizing annual Young Investigator Competitions, as well as chairing the Research Committee of the Society. The Vice-President of Research will work with the Vice President of Administration and website chair to ensure that all PACES research related documents are on the website. The Vice-President for Research will also be responsible for writing or selecting authors for PACES EP News.
The research committee will be responsible for reviewing proposed collaborative studies for consideration by the membership. The Vice-President for Research will appoint appropriate subcommittees to implement these individual approved proposals.

Associated Professional Representative: The Associated Professional Representative will serve a 3 year
term and function as a voting member of the Executive Committee and act as a liaison between the
physician membership and the associated professionals. The AP Executive Committee Member will be responsible
for the parent-portal information on the website. The AP Executive Committee Member may appoint
individuals to help with the parent-portal website and periodically update the information as needed.
The AP Executive Committee Member will also be responsible for annual Pre-HRS PACES and HRS PACES
meeting (including the annual business meeting) venue and event management. The member in this
position does not progress to President.

Timetable for Nominating and Voting:

  1. Submit nominations to Jeffrey Kim ( before March 1.
  2. You can nominate someone else or you can nominate yourself.
  3. The Executive Committee will send out a vote on all nominees who agree to run. Voting will take place March 14 - 27. The top 3 candidates for the positions will then be asked to write a personal statement regarding the position and what they would like to see accomplished for that position.
  4. Voting on the top 3 candidates for each position will occur April 11 – 24. You must be a Paid PACES Member to be able to vote (if you are not a paid member, this is an opportunity to sign up).
  5. In the case of a tie, a run-off election will be held.
  6. The newly elected Executive committee members will be announced at the annual Business Meeting (date to be determined).
If you have any questions please direct them to me or any member of the EC. Email me directly at

Best regards and Happy New Year,

Jeffrey Kim
PACES VP of Administration