HRX- innovators at heart

  • HRX is a global health and technology conference that brings clinicians, engineers, product developers, investors, entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and patient advocacy groups together.
  • HRx provides a platform for industry leaders to examine the latest digital health advancements and share respective challenges while envisioning future solutions.
  • September 21-23; Seattle, Washington
  • Agenda and information:
  • Why should PACES members attend?
    • Focus on technology that can benefit children and adolescents
    • Securing a seat at the table where innovation occurs
    • Small group discussions with industry and other stakeholders on digital health
    • Networking with others who are interested in digital health
    • You will be with others who are not afraid to challenge the status quo and often pushes beyond conventional boundaries
    • It’s in Seattle in September!!!!!
    • You get to hang out with John Triedman, Susan Etheridge, Jen Silva, Brynn Dechert and many others! (please email any of them with questions or more information)