Call for Public Comment- PACES CIED Guidelines

Date: 02.26.2021

TO: PACES Society Members

From: Michael J Silka MD. Maully Shah MBBS

Re: Updated CIED recommendations

We are approaching the final stages of review prior to presentation and publication of Pediatric-Specific Cardiac Implantable Electronic Devices Guidelines. The attached guideline recommendations have already been reviewed by the CIED Guideline Writing Committee and the PACES Executive Committee.

The purposes of this communication is to advise all PACES members that the Specific Guidelines are/will be posted on the new PACES website for review by PACES members and confidential commentary. Due to a rigid timeline for subsequent review by HRS, AHA, ACCF and AEPC, the window of time for review/commentary will be limited to today thru Monday March 8, 2021.

We appreciate any/all thoughtful comments/constructive criticisms. If there are any consistent points of concerns, we will attempt to incorporate such suggestions into the final version.

Thank you
Mike and Maully – for the CIED Guideline Writing Committee

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