PACES Elections

Dear Fellow PACES Members,

As a REMINDER, it is time to start the election process for our new PACES Executive Committee Members. Nominations are now open.

In May we will appoint 2 new positions: A new VP for Finance (Treasurer) and a new International Executive Committee Member. Job descriptions for these important positions are shown below.

Vice President for Finance (Treasurer). The Vice President for Finance shall chair the Finance Committee. This committee shall create a budget to be presented and approved by the Executive committee. The Vice President of Finance shall receive and bank all monies due, issue receipts thereof, and keep accurate records of the same. The Vice President for Finance shall pay all bills for utilities, necessary maintenance and repairs without further authorization. However, all bills must be approved by the Executive Committee at the next meeting. The Vice President for Finance may make all disbursements by checks signed with a single signature. In the event of the absence of the Vice President for Finance, the President or Vice President for Administration shall be authorized to sign checks. It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to oversee all filings required by the Internal Revenue Service and other federal or state agencies and authorities, including incorporation and other fees, as well as oversee insurance for the society and its officers. The Vice President for Finance shall keep records of all financial transactions and provide a complete financial report to the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors.

International Executive Committee Member: This committee member will serve a 4-year term and function as a voting member of the Executive Committee. This individual will be elected by the entire voting PACES membership in a process similar to the election of new physician executive committee members. Individuals eligible for this position should be in good standing with PACES and his/her clinical practice should primarily be outside of North America. The International EC Member will help facilitate and foster continued growth of PACES at a global level. This individual may work with North American and international members of the advocacy committee to promote global quality initiative programs and establish co-branded scientific research meetings and breakout sessions. In addition, the International Representative will facilitate ongoing collaboration of scientific statements, guidelines, and endorsement by other international cardiology societies. This individual may also work with members of the Research Committee to foster international participation in PACES endorsed projects as well as become principal investigators in PACES endorsed research studies. The member in this position does not progress to President. However, all PACES members, regardless of North American or International statues, may be elected to the VP of Finance, VP of Administration, or VP of Research.

Timetable for Nominating and Voting:

  1. Submit nominations to Jeffrey Kim ( before March 1.
  2. You can nominate someone else or you can nominate yourself.
  3. The Executive Committee will send out a vote on all nominees who agree to run. Voting will take place March 15 - 30. The top 3 candidates for the positions will then be asked to write a personal statement regarding the position and what they would like to see accomplished for that position.
  4. Voting on the top 3 candidates for each position will occur April 7 – 21. You must be a Paid PACES Member to be able to vote (if you are not a paid member, this is an opportunity to sign up).
  5. In the case of a tie, a run-off election will be held.
  6. The newly elected Executive committee member will be announced at the annual Business Meeting (date to be determined).
If you have any questions please direct them to me or any member of the EC. Email me directly or call me on my cell phone (281) 536-1556.

Best regards,

Jeffrey Kim
PACES VP of Administration
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