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Event Monitors for Children

Event monitors are a special type of long term rhythm monitor. Some are programmed to automatically record arrhythmias, or has to be activated with symptoms by the patient. Some are worn continuously and some are only used with symptoms.  These monitors can be a large sticker (patch monitor) or have electrodes (small, sticky patches) attached to wires and a device. These recordings can be transmitted to a monitoring service. Some monitors have the capability of “real time” monitoring which sends immediately and others require download and then transmission. Other monitors are sent back in via mail and then downloaded.

There are also commercial (may not be covered by insurance) products available that can be worn such as a special watch or a monitor with specialized touch pad that records your heart rhythm. These products are compatible with most smart phones and can save the ECG tracings for review by your cardiologist/electrophysiologist.

Your cardiology team will discuss which type of event monitor is right for you.