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PACES Summer Newsletter

Dear PACES colleagues

I am excited to share our summer PACES newsletter with you. One of my goals for my presidential year is to ensure that the members are engaged and there is active communication between members and the PACES Exec. If you can take a moment in your busy schedule, be it between patient visits, procedures, aboard a flight, at the beach or simply while sipping your morning cup of coffee, please do read this newsletter.

While quite lengthy, it has many important updates, events and new initiative announcements. I promise in the future I will aim for brevity.

Finally, I decided to lend my personal voice to some aspects of this newsletter (in particular The Last Word) . Please feel free to ignore these personal views. Also email me ( with questions and comments. I welcome your feedback about what you would like to see in future newsletters.

Happy summer to all.

If you just got back from a summer vacation, remember “No man needs a vacation so much as the man who has just had one” (quoted by writer Elbert Hubbard).

Best wishes

President, PACES